When an Art Project Turns Into a Political Statement Turns Into a Web Site Ad

Categories: Politics
Patrick Michels
We did catch a glimpse of the posters outside Pete Sessions and Eddie Bernice Johnson's Monday health care jam.
Haven't yet seen those Obama-Joker posters -- then again, I clearly haven't been downtown in a few days. At least some members of the Alex Jones street team have been posting black-and-white copies of University of Illinois senior history major Firas Alkhateeb's Photoshop project 'round Dallas; after the jump, "2 Free American Citizens" decorate Dealey Plaza and the Dallas Federal Reserve, among other hot spots, in their dance-mix-scored video. Only, as you can see, theirs is a different flavor of poster than the more familiar "Socialism" slogan -- Jones had it rebranded just in time for a contest, the winner of which gets $1,000. Alas, Friday was the submission deadline, so, sorry. Marketing genius? Which reminds me: Whatever happened to our Tom Leppert posters, anyway?

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