Well, Somebody Clearly Needed 25,000 Texas Stadium Seats. And Two Big Ol' Video Screens.

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Christopher Moore, the prof quoted in today's paper about the physics of punting as it relates, to, oh, I dunno, low-hanging video screens in overwrought football domes, offers plenty more info on his blog concerning hang time and kicking angles; rrrrrrriveting stuff. But, for a moment, back to the Dallas Cowboys' former home. A couple of weeks back we mentioned that the city of Irving was auctioning off Texas Stadium leftovers -- including 25,000 seats that were, on August 12, still available for $1,050. Well, the auction closed Friday, and those seats ended up going for ... $40,150. (Oh, and speaking of crappy expensive seats provided by Jerry Jones, you have seen this, right? Well, now you have.)

In fact, Irving cleaned up on the second go-round of this monster garage sale. By my math, which is both piss and poor, the auction cleared $148,055 -- with most of that coming from the sale of the seats and the Pepsi and Dr Pepper video screens, both of which went for more than $20,000 a piece. Meet the new stadium, same as the old stadium.

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