Tomorrow We'll Find Out if Dallas Will Host Mammoth Police Convention in 2013

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Speaking of the police and Twitter ...

Back in January, Angela Hunt first acknowledged that she was working to lure the National Fraternal Order of Police to town for its national convention in Dallas in 2013. Then, she was giving FOP reps a tour of Dallas -- from DPD HQ to Gilley's, which, granted, is a relatively short trip. But today she sends word, via her Twitter account, that she's in Long Beach, California, at this very moment making the city's case for the convention, which would bring thousands of police officers from 'cross the county to downtown. Wrote Hunt moments ago, "At meeting of all 3k+ Frat Ordr of Police delegates. Dallas is up agnst 3 other cities to host 2013 conf. We make our presentation shortly."

The council member says we should find out tomorrow if the Fraternal Order of Police wants to find its DSpot.

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