The Holy Trinity Bridge

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From The Trinity Trust's brand-new Web site devoted to selling Dallas on the Calatrava Bridge
As promised, The Trinity Trust today debuted its new campaign to build interest in the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and there's an accompanying Web site: Discover the Trinity. You'll also find a second, jazz-scored site pitching the previously mentioned September 25 Bridging the Trinity shindig, tickets for which are selling for $150 a pop. (Because, look, it ain't cheap to party hearty with the likes of gubernatorial candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Mayor Tom Leppert and Santiago Calatrava.)

The "Why Party?" section of the site in particular resembles a Veridian Dynamics ad: It's a rotating litany of buzzwords (Environment, Energy, Education, Community) popping in and out over unrelated photos meant to razzle and dazzle the newcomer. And, this question: What, exactly, do Miles Davis, Jimmy Scott, Lionel Hampton, Gerry Mulligan and Charlie Mingus have to do with the Calatrava bridge, anyway?

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