The City's Done Some Clean-Up Work on the Levees. But the Big Repairs? None So Far.

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One of the 72 levee issued repaired: the Little Coombs Creek Conduit on the West Levee, where crap behind the flap gate prevented it from sealing. Crap removed, problem solved.
For those who didn't take a look at the Trinity River Corridor Committee briefing doc to which I linked first thing this morning, Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan told council members this morning that the city's done fixed 72 of 198 problems with the unacceptable levees. But keep this in mind: Sixty-eight of those repairs are considered relatively minor -- so much to they do not require engineering analysis or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approval before the work's done. (And by "minor" I mean: mowing and trash removal.) The 23 biggies on the to-do list have been left untouched.

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