Let's Do the Time Warp: Quite the All-Star Threesome Lined Up for Dallas Comic Con

One of these people will be in town this weekend. One will not.
Hard to say who's the bigger draw at this weekend's Dallas Comic Con at the Richardson Civic Center: Dean Stockwell, the 64-year acting vet who's got the sci-fi skins on the wall (Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap and Dune -- quite the trifecta) to go along with the critical cred (Blue Velvet, natch); Rene Auberjonois, who can whip out the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Boston Legal or the Benson; or Barry Bostwick, the original Danny Zuko last spotted near Denton 'round 1975. Probably Stockwell, right? Just for the whole Roy Orbison thing.

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