A Very Glee Homecoming

Caity Colvard
Glee's Mark Salling at the Galleria yesterday, with his parents Condy and John
Permit me to make this one fall-TV recommendation after watching the first three episodes: Glee, which begins airing on FOX September 9 after a summer sneak peek welcomed with well-deserved raves. In short: It's Freaks and Geeks dolled up as a High School Musical co-starring Jane Lynch, who makes everything better.

Those who missed the pilot, it's available here. And for those who missed the cast's appearance yesterday at the Galleria, it's here -- in a slide show courtesy contributor Caity Colvard. The added local connection: Kevin McHale, who plays Artie Abrams (the kid in the wheelchair), hails from Plano; whilst football bully-turned-song-and-dance man Puck is Mark Salling, who grew up not far from White Rock Lake and, apparently, used to be in bands 'round town.

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