A Shriek and a Shuffle For the Good Times, As Twicon Comes to a Close

Patrick Michels
The Volturi Masque Ball capped off Twicon Saturday night.
To see more of the ball, the cast panel, and the rest of the con from a safe distance, check out our Twicon slide show.

Thousands of Twilight fans formed a sea of flashing cameras and upraised cell phones at the Twicon cast Q&A session in the Sheraton's Lone Star Ballroom Saturday, where teenage girls -- and older women reveling in the chance to act like them -- followed each mention of a cast member's name with shrieks and whistles of approval.

Patrick Michels
Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone and Alex Meraz kept their clothes on.
The session, one of the highlights of the four-day event, drew stars Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Alex Meraz, Kellan Lutz, Billy Burke and Christian Serratos. Like we said on Friday, this wasn't the usual sort of sci-fi con, so along with answering questions about their favorite scenes to shoot, or what it was like filming in British Columbia -- so crazy, there's a Starbucks on every corner -- Meraz fielded requests to remove his shirt, and Burke engaged the crowd by throwing paper airplanes at them. The highlight of the session came when Facinelli reached back as if about to throw a paper airplane too, then raced down an aisle to the far end of the ballroom instead.

Patrick Michels
Sam Bowman likes Twilight alright, but his wife's a bigger fan.
Seated in a tall chair outside the ballroom, Sam Bowman had the slightly bored, but good-humored look of one of the many parents and chaperones milling around the hotel lobbies this weekend. But Bowman, 52, said he was there to accompany his wife Bobbi Sue, a longtime Twilight fan who'd just had neck surgery and spent months hoping to recover in time for Twicon. "She'd already bought her ticket to this, and there was no way she was going to miss it," Bowman said, and the two made the drive from Arkansas together so she could see members of the cast and meet her online friends from Twilight fansites in person.

After the cast Q&A and an autograph session that drew more enormous lines, the con closed out with a masquerade ball Saturday night, an event like an all-ages high school prom, with teen girls and grown women alike shouting along to Kelly Clarkson and doing the Cupid Shuffle.

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