Yet Again, Quincy Carter Throws Away a Job

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This is the image that accompanies Quincy Carter's slot on the Abilene Ruff Riders' site. Seriously. And, yes, his name is Rowdy.
It's awfully difficult at this late date to recall when last we heard the name Quincy Carter -- he was either getting arrested or signed to yet another team, hard to say. But this much is certain: The former starting quarterback for Your Dallas Cowboys is no longer an Abilene Ruff Rider after this weekend. And how'd Q-Car blow this gig? But not showing for a Saturday game, and instead calling the coach at 3 p.m. to say he wasn't gonna make it. Sad thing is, the Indoor Football League team still prominently showcases his May signing on its home page, with head coach Gerald Dockery saying, "We are very excited about having Quincy in Abilene. We believe he is going to make a lot of plays for us this season."

Still, the most surprising thing about this story out of Abilene? David Bowie is his backup.

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