The Trinity River Audubon Center "Beats the Hell Out of a Landfill or Dump." Sure Does.

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Jeremy Woodhouse/Audubon
Over on the Reuters environment blog, Ed Stoddard sings the praises of the Trinity River Audubon Center, to which he paid "an eye-opening visit." Writes Stoddard:
This is a "good news" green story that shines a spotlight on many different issues: the environmental costs of poverty (no illegal landfills in affluent white suburbs); the range of sources for the greenhouse gases linked to global warming (people think of cars and power plants, not garbage sites); and our ability to reverse environmental damage.
Hey, if it was good enough for the Jonas Brothers and Laura Bush. Alas, don't try going this week: The center's closed till Friday. Facilities manager Matt Fluke tells Unfair Park that's because the center's hosting "a private meeting" for the National Audubon Society throughout the week. "That's the only thing," he says, laughing.

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