Ooooh, Shiny: There Won't Be a Trinity Toll Road For a While, So a Photo Contest Instead!

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Patrick Michels
One of our submissions for the Trinity River Project photo contest. Pay up, city.
Meant to get to this yesterday, when Dallas City Hall first sent word, but was otherwise distracted -- the whole point, perhaps, of this city-sponsored Trinity River photo contest for which we'd like to submit several entries. It kicked off yesterday and runs through September 30, during which time you can send in offerings in four categories: Unacceptable Levees, Piles of Sand, Drowned Construction Equipment, and Tossed Tires, though it's possible I misread the Web site. Wouldn't be the first time.

There's also a free photography workshop on July 16 at the Trinity River Audubon Center (which is closed most of next week, just in time for summer vacation) and $2,900 in cash awaiting the winners, so hop to. Then again, what's the hurry?

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