Oh, My: Mr. Sulu Is Beaming On Over to the Crow Collection of Asian Art

Categories: Arts
Dunno why a Friend of Unfair Park would send me this heads-up (oh, wait, yes I do), but, indeed, George Takei will be in town in but 11 days to speak at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, in conjunction with The Return of the Yellow Peril: A Survey of the Works by Roger Shimomura exhibition scheduled to run for about another month. Takei's appearance in Dallas has little to do with his steering the U.S.S. Enterprise, of course, but because of a childhood spent in Arkansas and California internment camps during World War II. Says the Crow site touting the evening-with -- the cost of which is $30 for members, $15 dollars for non-members ... or a pound of Tribbles -- "Mr. Takei comes to Dallas to talk about his experiences as a Japanese American growing up in America." Richelieu, beware!

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