Labor Relations Board Makes Federal Case Out of Union Fight at DFW Car Rental Sites

Categories: Crime, News
The Courthouse News Service this morning has this lawsuit outta Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport -- specifically, the Vanguard Car Rental locations at the airport (Vanguard operates National and Alamo). The regional director of the National Labor Relations Board's Fort Worth office has filed suit against the car rental company in Dallas federal court, alleging that Vanguard's local higher-ups have been threatening and firing employees at the DFW Vanguard spots who were even thinking about joining the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Says the suit, Vanguard fired one worker and has been "interrogating employees ... threatening employees [and] promising employees benefits if they did not select the union" for all their collective-bargaining needs. The suit alleges myriad violations of the National Labor Relations Act -- a "serious flouting" of the act, matter of fact.

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