Kay Bailey Sits Down With Dallas Tea Party to Talk Health Care Reform, 10th Amendment

Categories: Politics
Kay Bailey Hutchison and members of the Dallas Tea Party met in her office Saturday morning.
I just found on YouTube a few clips in which Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's talking health care reform with members of the Dallas Tea Party. As it turns out, the senator met with several of their representatives Saturday morning at her Dallas offices; the Tea Party's report from the get-together can be found here, with even more video clips from which to choose. In one that's rather hard to hear, the senator says, "The original intent [of the Constitution] was there would be a very small federal government, that it would cover the basics and everything was left to the states that wasn't covered and reserved by the federal government. We have gone so far beyond that, and I think things are best left to the states, and I am in strong support of the 10th Amendment." How very Rick Perry.

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