Grand Prairie Has the AirHogs. But Dallas Has the "Water Hogs."

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WWII Water Hog_gif.jpg
Don't know what's more interesting: This morning's Wall Street Journal story that ties together Dallas's efforts to take a long drink from the Neches River and Oklahoma's water supply, or the comments attached to the story. Let's start with the story, in which outgoing assistant city manager Ramón Míguez acknowledges the city's rep as "a water hog"; again, Tom Hicks, seriously. But he says we need the water ... or else: "The only way that this region can sustain its economic growth has to be working a mutually agreeable agreement with a region that is richer than we are and simply does not need the water as we do." Folks in Oklahoma and along the Neches disagree. Then jump on over to the comments, where one "Newton Wilson" writes, "Dallas is about as cool as Aids. Dallas-ites are gluttons, devouring all the water, coke, and Prada in sight." That's not an official slogan, is it?

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