Given the Looks of Her Collection, Louise Black Just May Be Project Runway's Dark Horse

Courtesy Louise Black
I was looking for something unrelated on YouTube earlier this afternoon and noticed that Lifetime just posted the home-tour videos for this season's Project Runway contestants, among them local Louise Black. (We posted the Dallas resident's video back on July 9.) One thing led to another, and suddenly Merritt Martin and I were perusing her Etsy items, already garnering considerable interest in the days before leading up to the show's August 20 premiere.

The one at top's particularly fascinating: a Victorian Steampunk Anatomical Medical Skeleton Cameo Corset, which is the very definition of "slimming." Also: "beautiful" and "terrifying." Yours for the low, low price of $179.50. Her Project Runway try-out piece, incidentally, is a Ring Master Jacket -- available for $450.

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