From the 1970s, a Forgotten (In More Ways Than One) Painting of the Convention Center

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Bart Forbes doesn't recall the painting of his currently up for grabs on eBay; "boy, this is old," says the Dallas-based illustrator when reached by Unfair Park for a little backstory. Course, he's done plenty of pieces since the 1970s -- everything from stamps for the U.S. Postal Service to Kentucky Derby promotional posters to a series of paintings that hang in the Atlanta Braves Museum and Hall of Fame -- so he can be forgiven the amnesia.

"It was probably done for the convention center before it was built, but I'm not sure," he says. "That's so far back I don't recall. It's definitely mine, but I don't recall who it's for. It's interesting to see something that goes back that far back that I can't remember." He laughs. "I hope you get it." Maybe -- price is right, at a mere $140. Either that, or you can wait and pick up Forbes's latest piece: the cover of an Ella Fitzgerald collection due on Verve in coming months.

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