Dallas Federal Judge Rules That Irving's At-Large Method Violates the Voting Rights Act

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Back in November '07, two-time Irving school board candidate Manuel Benavidez sued that city, claiming its at-large voting method violated the Voting Rights Act. Today, U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis, in Dallas federal court, issued a judgment in which he said, in short, Yup, it sure does. The order, in which Solis says the city can't hold further elections till it gets its house in order, is below. Says Bickel & Brewer's co-founder and Benavidez's attorney William Brewer III in a press release just sent to Unfair Park, "This victory gives the Latino community in Irving a voice in the political process and the opportunity for representation. We hope this result effects a positive contribution to the way in which certain municipalities approach a changing world."

Judge Solis's Final Judgment in Irving Voting Rights Case

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