I Remember, Way Back in '96 ...

Bedhead's Kris Wheat and Matt Kadane, long ago but not far away
Ah, and speaking of local nostalgia ... An old Friend of Unfair Park just sent me a link to Michael Pyeatt's YouTube page, to which he's been posting in recent days clips from the likes of Funland, Bedhead, UFOFU, Tripping Daisy, Tablet and Rumble performing at such late, great local venues as the Bronco Bowl and Club Clearview. I told Pete I'd sort through Pyeatt's pile -- he shot a majority of the video -- and post an old man's best-of over on DC9 tomorrow; till then, just because, a little "Bedside Table" after the jump. And Funland too (I believe from the '96 reopening of the Bronco Bowl). Sorry. Can't help it. That's the way God made me.

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