Because, Sure, When You Think Dallas Observer Music Awards, the Names "Mike Modano and Willa Ford" Pop to Mind

Patrick Michels
Patrick Michels is putting the finishing touches on what's sure to be a sprawling slide show from last night's Dallas Observer Music Awards at the Granada. (Hence, the reason for no DC9 postings today -- but, look, back in my day, we wrapped around 1 a.m., grabbed an early breakfast, shook off the bourbonitis and were back in the office at 9. Kids today, I swear.)

I'll update here when it's up (Update: It's up, with captions forthcoming), but till then this preview -- because, really, one of the many highlights of the evening involved Mike Modano and Willa Ford, damned good sports and awfully good people, presenting the Best Experimental/Avant-Garde Act award to Shiny Around the Edges. Made no sense at all. Kinda of like that moment backstage when Martellus Bennett told Cheaters host Joey Greco, "You're doin' what I wanna do one day."

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