At Least One Dallas Family Is Happy It Chose to Summer Vacation in Chicago

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Flickr user: Pete Prodoehl
On Monday afternoon, a Chicago man named Dennis Sneyer found a bag filled with a camera and thousands of digitally stored photos lying in the middle of a busy intersection. After a little sleuthing -- which is to say, going through some pics and finding amongst the popular backdrops the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington -- he determined the owner lived in or around Dallas.

So he called some hotels and, finally, the Chicago CBS affiliate to see if they could help locate the owner. Which he did, only after KTVT-Channel 11 ran a story about the lost bag and the owner's mother-in-law espied a familiar photo and made a call to Wrigleyville. Long story short: Sneyer gave Jeff Brandt back his bag last night outside Wrigley Field. For future reference, there's also this camera lost-and-found.

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