Tomorrow, Carla Ranger's Supporters Will Make Their Case to DCCCD's Board of Trustees

DISD board trustee Carla Ranger
The Dallas County Community College District board meets tomorrow at 4 p.m. at 1601 S. Lamar Street, and the confab should be livelier than most. In our in-box this morning, we were among those who received an invite to "Stand in Solidarity for Carla Ranger," the Dallas Independent School District board trustee recently fired, then reassigned, from her longstanding gig with the DCCCD. Says the Xeroxed flier, which you'll find after the jump, "After 20 years of faithful and exemplary service with the DCCCD, Carla Ranger is being terminated as District Director of Educational Partnerships. 'WE ARE NOT CONFUSED' as to why this is happening to OUR voice on the DISD Board of Trustees. We need YOU to come and stand for Carla Ranger like she has stood for our children, teachers, administration and the entire DISD community."

Late last week, The Dallas Weekly reported that DCCCD Chancellor Wright Lassiter claimed Ranger's firing was due to an anticipated budget shortfall: "This was purely a business decision. Any efforts to try to link this with her role in the school board is baseless." To which Ranger responded that weeks earlier, she was told "there would be no job losses in the education affairs department." Community and church leaders are, to put it mildly, displeased with the DCCCD board's actions; hence, tomorrow's call for speakers before the board meeting.
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