The Grand Co-Op Canyon: Another in a Series of Re:Vision Dallas Outtakes

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Speaking of conceptual renderings and community gardens ...

Couple of weeks back, we got our first look at the six Re:Vision Dallas finalists, and among the honorable mentions was the decidedly kick-ass Co-Op Canyon, which didn't make the cut. But today, Inhabitat nonetheless offers us a closer look at one of the projects of which Central Dallas Community Development Corporation's John Greenan is fond. Notes the site, it's the brainchild of Los Angeles-based architectural firm Standard, which imagines building on a single block behind Dallas City Hall "a terraced urban oasis full of vertical gardens and lush spaces that aims to create a holistic, community-centered, sustainable city block" that's "inspired by the cliff-side villages of Anasazi Indians." Or, Logan's Run?

Far fancier than Eco-Canyon. But could they fit an H&M in there?

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