Revising Re:Vision Dallas, Yet Another Look at What Might Have Been Behind City Hall

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PIKL Studio's Commonwealth, among the honorable mentions in the Re:Vision Dallas competition
A Friend of Unfair Park points out that I'm not the only one collecting Re:Vision Dallas cast-offs. So too is the ArchDaily blog, which, earlier this week, posted PIKL Studio's Commonwealth development for that block behind Dallas City Hall, where Central Dallas Community Development Corporation's exec director, John Greenan, and Brent Brown hope to begin construction on a "self-sustaining community" by next year.

Commonwealth would include more than 300,000 square feet of living space, in addition to 75,000 square feet for "commercial, education and social programs." And the "large outdoor spaces will provide proper microclimate for the building and provide opportunities for food production," writes Karen Cilento, while "sustainable energy methods will also be implemented." From the side, at least, this is easily one of the most "Dallas"-looking developments seen thus far.

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