Not All of Dallas's Great Old Buildings Get Torn Down. Some of Them Win Awards, Even.

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Patrick Michels
Crow Holdings HQ's latest building -- the third on the campus, and the first built from scratch -- received a new helmet over the weekend. The Kaiser would be proud.
We'll leave behind the conceptual constructs for a moment and focus instead on Dallas's old buildings, always a favorite topic of mine. Because on Friday from 6 to 8 p.m., Preservation Dallas will dole out it annual Achievement Awards to old buildings made brand-new by their respective caretakers. And the site of the awards presentation is none other than Crow Holdings HQ, the original Parkland Hospital that, till not so long ago, was a decrepit squatters' asylum on Maple Avenue until Harlan Crow opted to save the joint all by his lonesome.

Crow's renovation will receive its own special achievement award, but if you (spoiler alert!) click here, you'll find the complete list of winners -- so you're advised not to go anywhere near that link if you're attending Friday night's wingding and hate, hate, hate ruined surprises. And if that's the case, you most definitely won't want to sneak a peek at the before-and-after slide show we've put together featuring many of the buildings being feted Friday.

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