Look, Dallas Tea Party, Janeane Garofalo Probably Has Other Plans for July 4, That's All

Categories: Politics
For weeks, the Dallas Tea Party has been calling out Janeane Garofalo in the hopes of getting the star of Wet Hot American Summer and The Truth About Cats & Dogs and noted Tea Party-crasher to attend Saturday's America's Tea Party at Southfork Ranch. Alas, it hasn't worked -- Garofalo hasn't even nibbled at the bait -- which is why you'll find after the jump the latest video in which some locals and July 4 speaker Michelle Malkin (who, earlier this month, referred to the actor as "race-baiting," but I never thought Mystery Men was that bad) once more extend the invite. At least one Daily Kos contributor isn't amused by this at all and has the charts and pictures to prove it. I felt the same way recently when I caught a bit of Reality Bites on cable.

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