Just Twi to Get Into the Sheraton on July 30

If you haven't registered for TwiCon -- the Twilight fetishists' orgy that runs July 30 through August 2 at the downtown Dallas Sheraton -- you might wanna hurry, as the shebang gets a shout-out in the Entertainment Weekly hitting subscribers' mailboxes today and tomorrow. It merits a mention on the annual Must List, if only because the con will feature performances by the three songwriters -- Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster -- whose palship with Robert Pattinson landed 'em on the soundtrack. Foster says of the Dallas gig: "It's going to be mental," which is why Long suggests Pattinson stay away (ah, but will he?). I'm only looking forward to the con so's I can ask Peter Facinelli what it was like to work with the great Bill Bellamy.

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