From the International Desk, Dirk Nowitzki Is Tingling, and Tom Hicks Is Refinancing

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And, in international headlines this morning, Dirk Nowitzki wants to play with the German national team in the EuroBasket2009 tourney in Poland, which runs September 7-20. At least, if I read my Babel Fish translation correctly: "I believe already that it tingles/swarms." He needs to get that checked. Oh, my bad -- you wanted a link to the Bild interview in which Dirk talked about his jailed ex-fiancee Cristal Taylor. Here it is, though you've been warned, as Dirk says: "I will wash no dirty laundry." Again, loosely translated.

Meanwhile, in England, word from the BBC is that Tom Hicks and George Gillett have struck a deal with the Royal Bank of Scotland that allows the twosome to refinance their £350m debt stemming from the purchase and operations of Liverpool FC. But other reports suggest that the payments will be awfully high, especially in the short term, and RBS needs some personal guarantees from the owners before proceeding any further. Hicks is offering Chris Davis as collateral.

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