Dallas, Oh Say Can UFC?

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A scene from UFC's Ultimate Fighter or Borat? You decide.
As this was once Jesse Hyde's beat, well, I'll do my best. But seems there are big doings afoot in the bloody world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship: MMAJunkie, which sounds six different flavors of kick-ass, reports today that for the first time, like, ever, UFC "will hold a major event in Dallas, possibly as soon as this September." At the moment, it's all conjecture and speculation, as there's an event scheduled in England on September 26. But there's nothing on the calendar at the moment, and "sources closes to the organization and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's Combat Sports division recently told MMAJunkie.com of the tentative plans" to move the throwdown to Dallas. It's actually "combative sports division," but I'm not gonna correct them. You?

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