City Council Kicks Booting Ordinance to August

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Patrick Michels
Mayor Tom Leppert huddles with Angela Hunt, Linda Koop, chief of staff Chris Heinbaugh, deputy chief of staff Paula Blackmon and, with her back to the camera, Pauline Medrano before booting the booting ordinance.
A conference broke out during this morning's city council meeting shortly after Mayor Tom Leppert announced that Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano and council member Angela Hunt pulled Addendum Item No. 15 regarding the booting ordinance for discussion. Leppert, Medrano and Hunt were joined Chris Heinbaugh and Paula Blackmon (Leppert's chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, respectively), and later council members Linda Koop and Ron Natinsky joined in.

Hunt just told Unfair Park that the end result was an agreement to delay the vote and bring the item back to the Transportation and Environment Committee in August -- which should have happened in the first place , as the Economic Development Committee came up with an ordinance that Hunt and Medrano oppose.

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