Who Knew There Were Residents at the Delux Inn? No Matter. It's Going Bye-Bye.

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I didn't know till I looked at the Dallas City Council's addenda for this week that for the last couple of months, the city's been the proud owner of the Delux Inn on Stemmons Freeway. (The expenditure was approved last September, for $3.18 million in 1998 bond money.) Alas, don't get too excited: Sure, the city bought the former Howard Johnson's -- which is on the tax rolls for $2.8 million, or almost three times its 2006 valuation -- but it's scheduled to be demolished at some point to make way for the Trinity Parkway. The city approved today spending almost $650,000 to help relocate 46 residents of the joint, among them a man named Jerry Booze.

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