Sooner Than Later, DISD Wants a High School "Geared Toward the Nontraditional Student"DISD Wants a High School "Geared Toward the Nontraditional Student"

Tonight, of course, is the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees' called board meeting, at which the board will discuss and approve campus staffing formulas for the 2009-'10 school year; Schutze is attending, but of course. But at this very moment is the lengthy warm-up: a regular ol' board briefing, during which the board will be briefed on, among other things, how the district's dealing with the so-called over-age/under-credit student.

Here's the PowerPoint presentation, in which there's some discussion of the immediate need to create "an over-age alternative high school for students." But the board will also hear of the need to "design a true alternative high school geared toward the nontraditional student," which the Over-age Student Success Task Force (band name!) would like to open by no later than the 2011-'12 school year.

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