Sooner or Later, We'll All Run a 7-Eleven or Just Work at One. Oh, Thank Heaven!

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ohthankheavenfor7eleven.GIF notes that Dallas-based 7-Eleven is making a list of stores and checking it twice to see whether it's paying too much for leases in some locations. Everyone's doing it -- trying to get a break on rent in these tough times, looking for a little landlord love just to keep the doors open. Only, 7-Eleven says it just wants to get back to "fair-market value," as many of its locations opened during the go-go '80s, when rents were high and so were you.

Besides, it'll use the saved dough to open new stores -- 250 planned for this year, some in the Dallas-Fort Worth, to go with the 7,800 already spread across the U.S. (Speaking of, never did hear whether it hit 300 local-locations milestone last year, as planned.) The company's also looking to reach out to would-be franchisees in coming months as it ditches the owner-owneds. Is you a perfect candidate? Check it out. Lesse ... "Can you deliver an exceptional customer experience while maintaining a commitment to the core values of 7-Eleven?" Um ... maybe?

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