On Monday, Children's to Document Kidney Transplant 140 Characters at a Time

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USA Today directs our attention to the following tweet sent this morning from Children's Medical Center Dallas and UT Southwestern: "Who's an early bird? Transplant Twittering starts Mon. at 6 a.m. central!" Yup. On Monday morning, a 3-year-old named John Gilbreath is set to get a kidney from his father, firefighter Chris Gilbreath, and PR peeps from the hospital will tweet the whole thing -- a sort of up-to-the-moment PSA for organ-donation awareness. Which makes this "the first time a hospital has tweeted from a pediatric kidney transplant surgery," far as you know. Hey, if Erykah Badu can tweet a birth ...

Oh, and waytago, Pete Delkus. Children's tweeted yesterday that he raised more than $7,000 for the hospital. Finally, something good has come of his love affair with Dale Hansen.

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