Mexican Consul General Says Consulate Isn't "Lawless," But Isn't Certain About Specific Allegations of Legal Misconduct

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Patrick Michels
Enrique Hubbard Urrea, consul general for the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, was in our offices today to defend his consulate's honor.
Unfair Park had two visitors this morning: Enrique Hubbard Urrea, consul general for the Mexican Consulate on Stemmons Freeway, and Jesus Contreras Cantu, the consul of media affairs. They stopped by to address the lawsuit we mentioned yesterday in which the consulate is referred to as "a 'lawless' world where rules do not exist, where corruption, ethical violations, bribery and kickbacks reign supreme." Seems Urrea's not particularly fond of that description, referring to it as "puzzling," "absolutely false" and "absurd." The suit was brought by four Dallas County residents and one Mexican resident.

But because he says he has no direct knowledge of the incidents alleged in the suit, the consul general will not and can not defend the specific allegations: that attorneys Alvino Guajardo and Pablo Alvarado engaged in legal misconduct in their dealings with the plaintiffs, many of whom came to the consulate seeking legal help. Says Urrea, "If there is evidence of misconduct, we'll blacklist" the two from having future dealings with the consulate. He says both men deny the allegations.

Much, much more to come in the paper version of Unfair Park.

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