Jerry Jones is Not Impressed By Your 72-Inch Flat Screen TV

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Patrick Michels
Jones proudly unveils his center-hung screen, the first ever in football.
Before switching on the enormous new video board hanging above the Cowboys Stadium field, Jerry Jones made it clear -- as only Jerry can -- just what the new board would mean for fans sitting in the stands: "You're not gonna know whether you saw it happening directly on the field, or whether, in your mind's eye, you saw it happening on this digital board."

The video board runs almost from one 20-yard line to the other, making it the world's largest 1080p HDTV. It's the first center-hung video scoreboard in football too, according to the team, and the whole setup -- screens on both sides, along with smaller screens facing the end zones -- cost $40 million.

Update: We've got more photos, with a look at the state of the stadium, in this slide show.

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