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David Simon, sitting to the left of Dallas Morning News publisher Jim Moroney at today's Senate subcommittee hearing on "The Future of Journalism," edited his prepared testimony. The creator of The Wire left out the part about how, when a newspaper exec complains about how technology is the sole reason for newspapers' demise, folks should "feel free to kick out his teeth," because that newspaper exec is "as fraudulent as the most self-aggrandizing blogger." Nonetheless, the former Baltimore Sun writer still emptied at least one barrel on his way to endorsing the non-profit model: "My industry butchered itself." (I know, I know -- we're all becoming non-profits.)

Moroney -- who told the gathering of senators that The Dallas Morning News spends $30 million on news-gathering, more than all the Dallas network TV affiliates combined -- offered several life-saving suggestions to the panel. After the jump, as promised, you will find his opening remarks, which ran a little under five minutes. And here's C-SPAN's broadcast of the entire hearing, which ran nearly three hours. C'mon, it's Wednesday night. Nothing else is on.

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