Being a Star Trek Fan Was Something You Used to Kept Quiet. Apparently, Not Anymore.

Ward Sutton
One of the panels from Ward Sutton's very clever Star Trek cartoon, "The Shatner Menagerie," currently up on the Village Voice's Web site.
So, the powers-that-be at Levinson & Hill took note of the fact we done run out of Star Trek tees and sent over more -- specifically, 73 smalls, 34 mediums and 20 larges. So, yeah, you're in luck, especially those of you who yesterday requested the Spock hair shirt after we shut 'er down ... and pretty much anyone else in need of one. But rather than deal with folks e-mailing their requests, well, I am going to leave the pile behind the reception's desk here at Unfair Park HQ. We'll dole them out till we run out. Front desk shuts down at 5:30. I'll update when they're all gone, should that ever happen.

On a related note, former Dallas Observer film critic Matt Zoller Seitz serves up today this video essay: "Vulcan: The Soul of Spock." Seriously, though. Where all you Trek fans been all these years?

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