Armed with Archives and the Keys to the Club, the Starck Project is Underway

Patrick Michels
Starck Club founder Blake Woodall hands off the keys to Michael Cain, who's making a pair of films about the old downtown hot spot.
In a ceremony outside the old landmark at the very end of Dallas's West End, the original staff of the Starck Club gathered Tuesday evening to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary, and to witness the start of a new venture built on the club's legacy.

The Starck Project, led by Michael Cain, Wade Hampton, Melina McKinnon, Dennis Bishop and Chris Smith, will produce a pair of films -- one documentary, one narrative feature -- and now they'll have plenty of help from the club's founder, Blake Woodall.

As part of Tuesday's ceremony, Woodall presented Cain the keys to the Starck Club and a foot locker to signify the club's archives that Woodall is also handing over to Cain and his team. Hampton opened the locker at one point, pulling out Starck T-shirts and original club designs.

Check out more photos from the ceremony, along with folks decked out in their retro best and a look inside the club, in our slide show.

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