Reach Out and Protest Someone: Union Picks a Lovely Day to Picket AT&T at Arboretum

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Mike Simmons
Those Friends of Unfair Park wondering who those folks are picketing the Dallas Arboretum and snarling traffic this morning, wonder no more: They're reps from the Communication Workers of America, who yesterday vowed to bring "hundreds of CWA members from all over District 6, and some from even further away," to picket the AT&T annual shareholders meeting. Patrick Michels happened upon the scene, and through his cell I could hear the chant:
"What do we want?"
"Health care!"
"When do we want it?"
From the CWA Web site, this is a slightly more detailed explanation of their demands:
Members will leaflet outside the meeting, calling attention to the company's demand for huge health care cost shifting and other proposals that will cut workers' standard of living, despite the company's $12.9 billion profit in 2008.
As always, the Arboretum does make a delightful place for a protest. Patrick will grab some photos. Till then, we'll make do with this cell-phone grab courtesy former Dallas Observer art director Mike Simmons.

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