Is Del Taco Coming to the DFW? Dunno. Check Back in About Two to Three Months.

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We've been hearing in recent days that Del Taco is looking to move into the Dallas-Fort Worth area; sources say their business folks have been scouting would-be sites around town, as the Lake Forest, California-based chain considers -- yet again -- making its return to Texas. Barbara Caruso, Del Taco's very patient spokesperson, won't confirm the company's local look-see. All she'll say is, "We are scouting lots of markets right now, but I don't have any details." But she does tell Unfair Park that "if there's a move into Dallas, I'll know within the next 60-90 days," and promises to call back "when there are more details."

Ahem, not if there are more details?

"As soon as I know something," she says, kinda chuckling, "I will call you."

Till then, you're always free to visit the latest fast-food chain that's moved into North Texas: the oddly named HotBox Pizza out of Indiana, which today opened its first Texas location in Denton -- and plans "to open 10-15 additional HotBox locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area within the next five years." Also, notes the Pizza Marketplace item, "The first 100 customers to enter the store, located at 214 E. Hickory St., on May 2 will receive one free pizza a month for 12 months." Be sure to order The Hot Chick.

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