Wanna See Inside the Church of Scientology's New Las Colinas Digs? Here Ya Go.

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A scene from the Dallas Scientology Center's making-of, not the way Tom Cruise intended. L.R.H. would so not be amused.
Courtesy the very Vimeo "retriever" comes the most breathless making-of ever made documenting the construction of the new Church of Scientology Center in Las Colinas, which opened over the weekend. This most likely comes from the L. Ron Hubbard birthday bash in Los Angeles at the end of March, but this is far from official -- more like a wiseguy's art project mash-up, complete with Cruise as Christ, pictures of Mr. Roarke and the Joker, and other apocalyptic signage.

The speaker, incidentally, is Scientology head David Miscavige -- the same guy who gave Tom Cruise his Freedom Medal Of Valor (for Achievement in the Field of Excellence) in the video Gawker posted in January 2008. Says Dave of the Dallas outpost's new digs, "It's the classic tale of an org in need of elbow room in a field that's long been gunning for a place to hang their hats -- 10-gallon Stetons, to be exact, because this is Dallas, Texas." Jump. Do it now. Your very thetan depends on it.

Fun with Davey doing Dallas from retriever on Vimeo.

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