The Rare Sights of Deep Ellum's Sounds

Categories: Local Music
David Tatge
Tom "Pepe Lopez" Foote of Loco Gringos. Kids, ask your parents.
I've just spent the last way too long flipping through a virtual photo album Jeff Liles has put together consisting of 43 Polaroids David Tatge snapped while out and about Deep Ellum during the early 1990s. (Oh, sweet bird of youth ...) Jeff says these heretofore unseen pictures -- featuring the likes of Three on a Hill, End Over End, pre-Funland Melt, Course of Empire, the Mark Rubin-era Killbilly, Loco Gringos -- are but a tip of the tip of the iceberg, and that Tatge has unearthed hundreds more. So in coming days, expect more to surface on DC9 -- including, yup, the requisite slide show. Till then, you could do with a trip down Amnesia Lane.

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