Starck Memories of When Dallas Was Cool

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The USA Film Festival kicks off today at the Angelika Film Center, though I'll still have to refer you to our April 14 item if you're in need of a full schedule -- the official Web site's still not, well, working at the moment. And, as I noted two weeks back, the honorees are the fest's highlights: M. Emmett Walsh, Ray Liotta, Brian Cox, Juanita Moore and, sure, Paul Williams. But locals will take particular note of tomorrow night's screening of Joseph F. Alexandre's Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary, making its bow as a 17-minute work-in-progress featuring the likes of Luis Barajas (Detour mag founder and, full disclosure, my boss during the summer of 1988), artist-in-residence Michael Moore and architecture prof Mina Chow spinning tales of drugs and sex amidst the starck Starck surroundings.

Jeff Liles covered much the same territory -- with several more folks contributing -- in his Echos and Reverberations column on the Starck last month. And this morning, I found this Web site loaded with photos and foggy memories of the dance club. But, after the jump, you'll find 5:40 of the 17 minutes screening at the film fest. Worth a peek, if only to jar loose some memories you might have left on the bathroom floor in '84.

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