Meat and Greet Ed Bailey's New Eateries

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FA_Baileys_Logo.gif has local restaurateur Ed Bailey's latest set of plans for Dallas-Fort Worth dining domination, and they include four more Bailey's Prime Plus steak houses (including one in that Park Lane development) and three more Patrizio locations ... before the end of 2009, no foolin'. And there could even be more helpings in Southlake and Fort Worth, if the proposals look well-done.

You should see the conceptual rendering for Bailey's -- thing looks like a national monument to meat. So, how's Ed doing it when, um, others aren't faring as well in the meat-and-glazed-carrot biz? Says Bailey, it's all about catering to the ladies: "A lot of women aren't Fred Flintstone. They don't want a 20-ounce, in-bone rib eye." Those are also the women who don't enjoy a post-meal cigar washed down with a glass of 16-year-old Nadurra.

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