Judge Foster's Appealing, in a Legal Sense

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Dallas County Judge Jim Foster
Just last week, Judge Ken Tapscott of County Court No. 4 ruled that Dallas County John Wiley Price had every legal right to take Dallas County Judge Jim Foster's deposition so Price could determine whether he had a lawsuit for defamation on his hands. You know the whole story, right? Jim Schutze, Eddie Bernice Johnson, the Inland Port, a word that rhymes with "schmakedown." No need to rehash? Excellent.

Anyway, Foster isn't about to take "yes" for an answer: Yesterday, his attorney, Christopher Weil, filed an appeal that states, among other points, that the court "abused its discretion" when it granted Price permission to demand that Foster appear in court. The whole appeal is after the jump. Price's lawyer is preparing a response as you read this. Judge Foster's Notice of Appeal

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