If You're Interested in Divvying Up UNT's 11,900 Vinyl Records Surplus, Lemme Know

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Over the weekend, a Friend of Unfair Park was griping about how the missus made him get rid of all his vinyl -- 'bout 500 classic titles, more or less, each of which went for a buck a pop at a garage sale till the encroaching closing time reduced the whole lot to 50-bucks-or-best-offer. Which brings us to this eBay item sent this a.m. by a Friend of Unfair Park (and, I see, just referenced over on DC9): some 11,900 slabs o' surplus wax liberated from the University of North Texas archives.

But act now! The auction ends at 2:46 p.m. today, and right now there's but a single starting bid of $2,500 -- which works out to ... carry the one ... divided by 24 cents ... um, awfully effin' cheap! Alas, be warned: "These records are unsorted." Meaning, what you see's what you get -- miles and miles of cardboard-boxed vinyl, for pennies on the quarter. Oh, George ...

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