From Inside the News-room, the "Trauma" of Layoffs and Feeling "Trapped" Afterward

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Tom Huang, a Dallas Morning News assistant managing editor and Poynter Institute ethics and diversity fellow, posted this morning an essay titled "Living with Layoffs at the Dallas Morning News," which speaks for itself. This excerpt seems particularly relevant a week after A.H. Belo Corp. laid off some 200 News employees:
A few days after the layoffs in Dallas, I talked with Jill Geisler, who runs Poynter's leadership program. We agreed that it's hard to be a newsroom leader in these times. Not that we deserve much sympathy, or expect to get it. Reserve that sympathy for those who are forced out of jobs they love, as well as for those who remain and feel trapped.

What I told Jill is this: Every time I mask my anger and sadness with feigned calm and confidence, I lose a bit of my integrity. Every time I feel numb, I lose a bit of what makes me human. Every time I say goodbye to a friend, I lose a piece of my heart.

It's our human side that makes us good journalists, isn't it?

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