Far as Rick's Cabaret is Concerned, Going All-Nude on Stemmons Has Worked Out Well

Categories: Biz
Maybe Neiman Marcus, which today released yet more dispiriting sales stats, ought to consider going all-nude. Seems to be working out quite nicely for Houston-based, publicly traded (lesse ... p-u-b-l-i-c ... yeah, that's right) Rick's Cabaret International, which today announced that its revenues are up by some 18 percent during the first quarter of '09 to $18 million. Rick's isn't doing well everywhere, mind you, but seems that January decision to turn Rick's Cabaret on Stemmons into Club XTC was the way to go-go: "While we have seen slippage in some other markets, we are pleased with the results of our club rebranding in Dallas and Philadelphia," says Rick's president and CEO Eric Langan. Stock's gettin' it up 6 percent this morning.

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