The Stars Orbiting the Sci-Fi Expo in Richardson, Ready for their Close-Ups

Glenn Morshower1.jpg
Danny Hurley
Glenn Morshower
Friend of the show and Unfair Park contributor Danny Hurley joined me at the Sci-Fi Expo in Richardson over the weekend, where I chatted with the charming Joanna Cassidy while Danny snapped photos of the guests in attendance. After the jump, his role call of folks whose faces will seem familiar, even if their names aren't exactly tip-o'-the-tongue -- except, of course, for Cassidy, who's had perhaps the most successful yet inexplicably under-the-radar career of any actor over the course of the last three decades.

Figured we'd begin with the local boy: Hillcrest High School Class of' 77 grad Glenn Morshower, who got his start on the Dallas Theater Center stage when he was but a wee lad and who ought to be well-known to fans of, oh, 24, Transformers, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Good Night, and Good Luck. The rest of the call list -- featuring folks from Battlestar Galactica, Xena's daughter, The Candyman himself and, of course, Blade Runner's Zhora -- follows.

Joanna Cassidy 1.jpg
Danny Hurley
Joanna Cassidy

Tony Todd 1.jpg
Danny Hurley
Tony Todd
Micheal Hogan 1.jpg
Danny Hurley
Michael Hogan
Adrienne Wilkenson1.jpg
Danny Hurley
Adrienne Wilkinson

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